Friday, November 27, 2009

Threshold Anxiety

"Kierkegaard, the nineteenth-century Danish philosopher, first described what has come to be known as 'threshold anxiety'. He describes the feelings of a young man who is about to leave home to go out into the world to seek his fortune. As he stands on the threshold of the house, about to leave, he feels that he's turning his back on everything that is warm, familiar, and secure -- what he has known all his life. Beyond the threshold lies the world, filled with all that is unknown and strange. If the young man turns back at this point, he is lost. If, however, he can take the fear of the unknown and turn it into the excitement of the unlimited possibilities which are open before him, he grows in the moment and is alive, as never before."

- Mildred Newmand and Dr. Bernard Berkowitz
How to Take Charge of Your Life


ravindar said...

Very appropriate. I can always count on you to give great advice.


Kathy said...

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Phatthana said...

hi adrian,

i am desperately looking for the source of that quote (already googled several hours) about threshold anxiety...
I want to use it in my upcoming graphic novel.
Can you help me?


Adrian said...

Phattana - the source (the book "How to Take Charge of Your Life") is included in the post. I think Kierkegaard has been quoted on this with different words, but the point is the same. Good luck with your book.