Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is it ever NOT what it is?

The phrase "It is what it is" bugs me. It falls into the category that includes phrases/clauses like "Going forward..." (as if you could go backward) or "To be honest" (an admission that what you're about to say is a departure from the norm).

I just heard a new one in the concierge lounge at a Marriott: "It'll be what it'll be". I think it was related to sports.

So, here are some suggested enhancements to the dialect:

* It won't be what it won't be
* It will never be what it never could become
* What wasn't, wasn't
* To be or to be, that is the [rhetorical] question
* It probably wasn't meant to be because it wasn't meant to be

I'm sure there are more clever opportunities here.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Agile adoption by geography

I wonder if there is a geographical distribution to the adoption of agile philosophies. To find out, I used Dice's job listings as a proxy to determine percent of postings that matched the word "agile" by City.

Suprising to me, Salt Lake City seemed to take the honors @ 12%. Next tier: Richmond, Seattle, Portland, OR, San Fran, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, all between 5% and 9%. The remainder can be seen on the graph. It's probably a bit too small to see, but if you display it individually, you should be able to clearly see the list of cities and the rough placing of the cities within the distribution.