Thursday, May 15, 2008

A semi-clean, well-lit, open-place

These are a few pictures of my team room. I love this place - high ceilings (with plenty of space for information radiators), lots of card walls, lots of white boards, movable filing cabinets, and a few cubes for the stationary folks. This is really a retail space the size of which you could probably house a basketball court.

We had an open space in the front that isn't pictured with a couch, some beanbag chairs, a conference table, a projection screen with a projector. We almost never had to schedule meetings in the limited conference space in the main building again.

A good view of most of the card wall. This is fairly old - we now have flipcharts with our historic burnup charts posted over the card wall so we can see our trends.

This gives a good view of the dimensions of our space.

The little white box area in the back is a portable office - 10x10, with privacy for personal phone calls, personnel meetings, etc.

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